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Community Supported Agriculture

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In the modern world our food comes in many forms. The status quo in today's grocery and mega stores consists of highly-processed corn and soy-based products, alongside produce shipped from 1,500 miles or more away. The delivery of these products to your table is an energy intensive process that is exacting a toll on our health and the environment. How backwards things have become that the "alternative" to this food system is growing food locally with the use of non-synthetic fertilizers and controls.

Fair Share Farm was founded in 2003 to join others in providing such an alternative for the greater Kansas City area, including Kearney, Holt, Excelsior Springs, Gladstone, Liberty, and Lawson Missouri.

The farm was started with the multiple goals of promoting community, sustainable agriculture, and healthy eating habits.It is not just our goal to grow food using nature as a guide, but to provide a more diverse, flavorful and nutritious variety of vegetables than what is found at the grocery store.

In 2013, over 200 varieties of more than 40 different vegetables, fruits and herbs were grown at Fair Share Farm using organic and sustainable growing practices.

Our fundamental farming practice is to focus on feeding the soil with composts, mulches, manures and minerals to constantly improve its fertility. We plan our work each day with the goal of providing for the health and biological diversity of the farm, by giving back to the land every time we take something.

Fair Share Farm promotes relationships between farmers and eaters through its CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) What is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)?. Fair Share Farm's CSA began in the Spring of 2004. Members not only receive weekly shares of produce, but become a vital part of the farm and the CSA, working together to promote and sustain fresh, local, and nutritious produce. We welcome you to join our Community Supported Agriculture program and get involved with other sustainable organic growers and meat producers in the Kansas City area.

Fair Share Farm operates under the motto,
"Feed the Soil, Feed the People"
Located in Kearney Missouri, Fair Share Farm is now serving the greater Kansas City Area, including Holt, Excelsior Springs, Gladstone, Liberty, and Lawson Missouri.

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